The Root of All Evil

I follow a few different blog categories and Longreads is my favorite. February 2nd one of their authors, Emily Perper, posted an article, Seven Deadly Sins. The article links to seven different articles about the seven deadly sins; lust, gluttony, envy, pride, greed, anger, and sloth.


From top right, moving clockwise: sloth (purple) gluttony (dark green), envy (light green), anger (red), lust (pink), greed (yellow), and pride (purple/pink-middle).

What I enjoy most about Longreads is the diversity provided in the articles. Their topics go from civil rights, music, the community, you name it-they discuss it. I love the diversity and the outlet it provides the writers.

I have not followed many different blogs because, well, my life is crazy busy already and sitting down reading blogs has not been factored into my time. What I do like about blogging though is that is not a formal paper, I do not feel like I am doing school work, I am reading articles that I want to read versus are told to read, which is always fun.

In particular, the Seven Deadly Sins article talked about what no one wants to, sinning–go to hell, all the good stuff.  Many do not want to talk about this because no one really wants to think about eternal damnation.

This is something that blogging is perfect for; talking about a topic that is not formal, but not casual conversation with friends.


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