The Bad Pitch Blog

“60 of the best Public Relations blogs in the world,” sounds a little daunting. Looking through the list I found one that caught my eye–yes, because I enjoy puns (checkout my tagline). This blog, The Bad Pitch Blog is an award winning blog since 2006.

This blog includes things that will destroys your PR career and what boosts it. In a post  from last year, they discussed forcing a connection between the audience and a recent event. In this post, they quoted “a black author’s book teaser will make you a slave to reading.” *record scratch* Did they really just say that?

disgusted gif.gif


This blog brings up to note that while this tagline will catch our attention and get the people talking about the book–this is the wrong way to do it. Public Relations is handling the way the population views you and handling it the best way possible.

A different post talks about how privacy online could potentially tarnish your reputation. As noted in the recent scandal where celebrities nudes where leaked by a hacker who claimed access to their password protected iCloud accounts (how pervy) but also how nothing on the internet, even password protected, is truly safe.

SnapChat, a more recently released social media site, allows you to send one time viewing pictures or videos for 1-10 seconds. After the allotted time to view the media has passed, ti cannot be watched again. If you “screen shot” the media, the sender is alerted, keeping you aware who has what pictures of you. This provides a little more security in the social media realm, but nothing is ever truly gone or private.

A leak of personal information can be detrimental to a career and downright embarrassing. But, it is how it is handled after the fact that can save a career. Public Relations is so important for all business and professionals.



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