Hashtags and Retweets

As a 10 year old, I was so excited to get my first Myspace. Since then, my love and use of social media platforms have only increased. Generation Y has been able to utilize and grow with the platforms created. My favorites to use are Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and then Facebook.

I enjoy Twitter because it is quick thoughts but you are able to add longer articles if desired. You also can post pictures, videos, etc. and also have a “likes” section that you can check back to at a later time for some more giggles, or reference–mine is for giggles.

Snapchat is probably my favorite but not the most used, because I feel a little vain constantly taking pictures of stuff around me and myself. I love the constant changes in the app, like adding filters to your face or surroundings. Everyone loves the dog face, but my personal favorite is the lamb face that gives you the cutest voice. Snapchat is even taking over the political world, being talked about on national news platforms.  Look at Hillary Clinton being the happiest doe you ever saw!snacp-chat-pic


I enjoy Instagram because it is more mindless and I can just see what is going on my friend’s and celebrity’s lives. I follow all of the Kardashian’s, I know I’m not proud of it, and fitness accounts showing interesting workouts or recipes!

Facebook is probably my least favorite of the social media accounts I have. I find this account to be frustrating because their are so many people one can feel obligated to be friends with, from high school, played against in sports, or know each other through activities. I also prefer to use other platforms because Facebook is commonly used as a diary that the whole webiverse can see. Some “friends” of mine take the sharing portion of the site too serious and share some intense details. Thank you Facebook, for create the “unfollow” button. 

My favorite thing about social media is it is so easy to stay connected to those around you, and share things you find interesting or helpful. We need to start an internet etiquette class for middle or high schoolers to know what is appropriate/inappropriate to share and proper techniques and how to adjust  security settings and other hidden features.


3 thoughts on “Hashtags and Retweets

  1. Great post Kaela! I completely forgot about Myspace and how its also sparked my love of social media. I agree with you about the obligations of Facebook and how people should behave on it. Social media is such an effective and efficient way of communication these days and some of society is making us turn away from it in distaste.


  2. Kaela, I never had a Myspace so I have no idea what that was like. Snapchat is what sparked my love for social media! I agree with your thought that Facebook is primarily used as a diary by most because it seems like every other post is a rant of some kind. Overall, I really liked your post so thank you for sharing your thoughts on social media!


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