Apple, Android, Google-Oh my!

This day in age provides our population with more choices than you can shake a stick at. Technology is especially difficult to make decisions in because there are so many minuscule features that sound incredible, but are essentially useless. For some who do not know what they are looking for, this can be daunting.

My grandma purchased a new iPhone 7 plus last week. Since then, I have received many “autocorrected” texts, since her finger dexterity is not what is was before her stroke, and questions regarding things I find simple.

The generational gap proves difficult when I try to explain to her the varying privacy settings and she is having trouble finding the settings. This gap shows in many different facets of our lives, as well.

I can tweet, text and type faster than she can comprehend, but she can whip up a delicious dinner without looking at a recipe or even measuring much. She knows how to sew, do her own taxes, refinish furniture, among many others. She has a set of skills our generation generally lacks. I love cooking, something I have always done with her, but I do not have the pizazz she does. If I try to throw things together, it takes like garbage, and she creates a new family favorite.

Me when she makes her Cheeseburger soup ^^^


While technology is so important in today’s society and usually a job requirement– there is so much more to life than being able to navigate the internet. One should be able to fix their lawn mower, as well as, scroll Facebook while doing day-to-day tasks, because why not? Technology has become so important when there are experiences to have and places to go. A new iPhone is over $600 and a round trip to a beach (from Iowa) isn’t even that expensive! Staying up to date in technology has shifted our priorities to material items rather than memories and experiences, and I think that’s why our generation is lacking in so many skills.

ben mic drop



One thought on “Apple, Android, Google-Oh my!

  1. Great post Kaela! I totally agree and feel that you really wrapped up everyone’s opinion on social media and the changes on each generation. It is kind of scary that we are lacking many important tasks/abilities and it is even scarier than many younger generations feel that it is way more important to know how to work Twitter than to know how to change a tire.


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