10 Reasons to be a BEE

St. Ambrose is a wonderful university located in Davenport, IA. Here are 10 reasons to be a Bee

  1. Iowa Sunsets are the best. No joke. augie stadium
  2. Small campus=everybody knows everybody. They idea is a little scary, but it is nice to see your classmates around town!
  3. Whitey’s Ice Cream, created right here in the QC!
  4. Happy Joe’s Pizza, the best Taco Pizza in the WORLD. (Possibly, definitely in my opinion) Also, originated in the QC.
  5. Small class sizes. Small class sizes gives the professors a chance to develop one on one relationships with the students and caring about their success. (Occasionally helping when your grades are struggling)
  6. Lots of major choices. Even though it is a small university, there are just under 50 majors available for you to choose from ranging from Behavioral Neuroscience to Industrial Engineering to Art Education.
  7. Best of both worlds: SAU provides students with both worlds giving you a winter wonderland and beautiful fall/spring warmth. Campus is small enough that the snow doesn’t ruin your walks to class but when it’s the first day of spring, you’re going to wish your walk to class was just a little bit longer.
  8. Post-graduate job opportunities. The QC is full of many international companies, Including John Deere (ALSO created here), the Rock Island Arsenal (an army base), among others
  9. Close to everything you want! From Davenport, you can get to just about anything in a days drive; beaches, mountains, large cities (Chicago, Minneapolis, etc.)
  10. BEE PUNS! This may bee my favorite perk. St. Ambrose is the only college in the US with a Fighting Bee as it’s mascot. It’s a great day to bee happy. Bee the change! (I could go on for days!)  sau bee

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