Uber everywhere

This weekend I downloaded Uber. 

I used it after a night out with friends. The app was easy to use and one driver was very friendly while the other was rather grumpy.


This app saved me from a potentially very expensive ticket and alleviated some stress on trying to convince another one of my friend’s not partaking in the same activities as I was and bribing them for picking me up at 2:30 AM.

I know many people interested in working for Uber, simply because you can choose to work when you want versus being scheduled and being required to show up somewhere. You are also considered self-employed and can make cash tips, which are both non-taxable and immediately accessible. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, but there are some times that waiting for the pay check to hit direct deposit feels like an eternity away.

make it rain

There has been some issues with Uber throughout the world. With technology developing much more rapidly than lawmakers can keep up with, employees are paying the price. In Europe, there is currently a law suit against Uber claiming they do not pay the minimum wage. There are both sides of the coin to be considered, on one hand, employees are able to work when they want and accept as may jobs as they want, on the other hand , this freedom is giving some drivers the platform to not make enough to cover the minimum wage spread.

This is also common for waitresses in the US. Their starting wage per hour is roughly $4.25, living in the tipping era–the amount of money you make is generally dependent on your quality of service. Commissioned employees, much like waitresses, have the drive to make as much money as possible depending on the amount of work they want to put in.

In all, I am against mistreatment of employees but I am for a free app that provides me a cheap service where the employee has as much freedom as they want.


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