When I first started this semester and was told I would have to run a blog through COM-240, my heart sank. I don’t know anything about blogging let alone running a blog. My mind was running in every direction, debating dropping the class, how am I going to get out of this?, and the like

Me when Dr. Billman said we would have to run a blog

I will give you THREE simple tips to make your blogging life easier:

  1. Keep it fun. I love TV references, and puns. I used the mind set “What would I want to read?” when writing my blogs, using gifs, memes, and subtle jokes while still getting my point across. I really love Parks and Rec right now, so that was my usual go-to on tv show gifs. ron swanson
  2. Go with your first idea. Stewing on an idea will make your brain over-complicate something that is fairly simple. And Dr. Billman provides you the topic for the week, score!
    chris treiger
  3. Stay on top of your work. It is much easier to write one-300 word blog at a time, than 2400 words at a time, on top of other classes assignments, comments on other’s blogs, AND a social life. Spread it out, you will thank yourself later.
    Jack will be you if you wait until the end of the semester, I promise.

    Lastly, let yourself enjoy it. At the beginning, I was very nervous. Our generation has a generally negative connotation with blogging, that is a diary online, or what have you. After getting the hang of it (which is not difficult to do), I bee-lieve you will enjoy it, just like I did! Blogging is something you can actually put on your resume some day, that you successfully ran a blog that gained followers and an audience to potentially promote your future business, product, event, etc! Let it be something you can be proud of!

Happy Blogging.



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