About me

About me

Born and raised in Davenport. Sport Management major, graduating May 2018 from SAU. Would love to work as an Sports Coordinator, whether sport specific or an entire league,  for little ones. That’s essentially what I do at my current job and would love to be able to do it full-time after graduation or work for the Green Bay Packers or St. Louis Cardinals.

I have lots of family; three half-sisters, a half-brother, two step-brothers an a step sister ranging from ages 14-7. I think my love of working with children came from getting to experience them growing and learning without having to actually raise them.

My family loves sports but football in particular. My mom being a GB Packers fan and my step-dad being a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. My boyfriend of  6 and a half years is  huge St. Louis Cardinals fan, leaving me very little wiggle room on a team to follow. My dream is to go to a game at Lambeau Field in the snow against the Chicago Bears. I also would love to visit every MLB stadium in the league, I currently have only been to Wrigley Field, in Chicago, Miller Park, in Milwaukee, and Busch Stadium, in St. Louis, meaning I have a lot to get to.

busch-stadium Busch Stadium- St. Louis, Missouri.

For spring break this past year I went to the Bahamas, opening a new love and making me want to see the world and experience as many different cultures as I could. Being a full-time student has hindered being able to do that, but someday.

I love to spend my time watching cliche girls’ favorite television shows such as: Grey’s Anatomy, Law and Order: SVU, Criminal Minds, and other cheesy crime/medical shows. I watch these shows with my bestie, Charlie–my cat. I never thought I would have a cat until I walked into the “cat room” at the shelter we adopted from and I fell in love. char Char Cat