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Comment on Nate's Blog: I agree, Nate. Social media is so addicting, and why? To stay updated on people's lives we don't necessarily care about? I fin myself checking more and more when I have stressful things in school going on, giving me a mindless distraction. Maybe we should all try a social media detox! (just … Continue reading Comment 6



When I first started this semester and was told I would have to run a blog through COM-240, my heart sank. I don't know anything about blogging let alone running a blog. My mind was running in every direction, debating dropping the class, how am I going to get out of this?, and the like I will … Continue reading Blogging

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Comment on Jordan's blog: I have had 1010! on my phone for years! I love this game so much because it helps unwind, like a quick homework break.

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I love that you used your knowledge in your major to provide an opinion. Also, what you said was so important to all in business, not just PR representatives, lying damages your reputation! Erik's blog