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Good point about how technology is part of communication now! Imagine if none of our professors changed with the times, no one would advance. Crazy to think about.   Nate's Blog  

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Becca, I agree. The display of the blog is so important, I have a small attention span so the big pictures keep me interested.  I also greatly enjoy eating/cooking and experiencing new places, may have to give this one a follow!    Becca's Blog

The Root of All Evil

I follow a few different blog categories and Longreads is my favorite. February 2nd one of their authors, Emily Perper, posted an article, Seven Deadly Sins. The article links to seven different articles about the seven deadly sins; lust, gluttony, envy, pride, greed, anger, and sloth. From top right, moving clockwise: sloth (purple) gluttony (dark green), envy (light green), anger … Continue reading The Root of All Evil